about agency

LEPL IDP Livelihood Agency was established in 2014. The objective of the Agency is to improve the socio-economic conditions of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and to facilitate their integration. For this purpose, the Agency shall develop, implement and evaluate livelihood programs that are as much as possible customized to the internally displaced persons (IDPs) needs and requirements. The Agency ensures the acquisition and management of sufficient financial resources necessary for the implementation of these programs. 

Programs take into account the grants for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in order to improve the existing income sources or to create new sources. Besides the grants, a big attention is paid to retraining of the internally displaced persons (IDPs), facilitation of their skills improvement and appropriate education.

The maximum involvement of the internally displaced persons (IDPs) in livelihood programs is a priority. To achieve the aforementioned, IDP Livelihood Agency carries out informational campaigns on a continuous basis. Through regular and effective coordination mechanism, the internally displaced persons (IDPs) have an opportunity to receive comprehensive information about scheduled programs and registration procedures.

To achieve its goals, the Agency closely cooperates with State Institutions and Municipalities, international and non-governmental organizations, public and private legal entities as well as individuals. In addition, the Agency actively participates in every initiated project, which considers the creation of livelihood for internally displaced persons (IDPs). 

The Agency has implemented a number of successful programs in cooperation and with a support of the various state, governmental or non-governmental organizations.